Hi, I'm Saige Leah.

I'm an artist, designer and spiritual counselor 

based in Port Townsend, WA


I provide services, lead workshops, and write, for those who desire to enrich the visual and energetic potential their physical and psychic spaces. 

My practice emerged from a life-long exploration of energy + environment - and my personal life changing transformation story through energy work and hypnosis.


My life passion is in reconnecting people with their higher self + life purpose.

Through energy work I am committed to raising vibrations to awaken potential for the most free, authentic and purposeful experience of life.

Triangle House is sanctuary space. 


My practice was birthed from a life long fascination of the way we all experience energy in the physical world - and the way our inner perceptions shift our experience of our outer reality. 

Through my design and art I create sanctuary space for outer worlds -

through my services + workshops I invite sanctuary space to the inner ones. 


"Saige Leah is a true leading light. I have benefitted and grown from her counsel on topics ranging from home and studio space design, to guidance on personal relationships. Her scope is broad because her depth and vision are so pure and focused: it’s about joy, pure acceptance, love, and the end of struggle. She lives and breathes what she teaches, and even to encounter her energy is to tap into the wisdom of eons of spiritual powerhouses, while still celebrating the present practical physicality. She seems to have a direct line to Grace. As uncanny as her wisdom is for such a young person, her light sense of humor and accessibility ground her teachings in real daily life. The extraordinary generosity of her vision and heart permeate her creative and spiritual work, whether it's the dreams, sacred spaces and beautiful objects she manifests, or the gentle counsel she offers through her teachings and her luminesce being."

J. Cooper, Entrepreneur 

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