"Clear your space, clear your mind."

Our possessions are filled with energy that have great effect on our vibrational state. In an intentional space - we feel good; we're able to tune in to life's natural state of flow and abundance. When we free our rooms of stagnant energy, we breathe life back into the spaces we love. When we clear our space, we clear our minds and invite new vibrant energy to flow towards us in it's natural intended way. 

We offer gentle and personal guidance in this service. In our consultation, we gain an understanding of how you would like to feel in your home and discuss actions to take to get there. From there, we will schedule a session in your home, where I offer perspective and feedback as we determine together which physical objects no longer feel good to your psyche. In addition to determining the objects to part with, I will clear out negative energy in the home using ritual and cleansing herbs. One session is enough to bring about a major shift in your space.


Sessions with each person will look different depending on intentions and desire for outcome. This service is useful anytime and especially beneficial during seasonal shifts, before or after a remodel, and during major changes in life.

Contact for inquiries or to set up a consultation.

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