When we deeply desire something but deep down the mind doesn’t believe it can happen for us then it may just not come to be. Where many of our manifestations and desires become stuck is in the in between space. We have an initial desire and deep knowing that something is ready or right for us. This feeling expands and excites us, until the mind steps in and introduces a fear or disbelief of our ability to bring this dream forward into our lives. This is where we contract and feel stuck. How do we get past this stage and open to receive the heart centered dreams that we know are right for our us ? We do this w trust. Real trust, on a conscious and subconscious level. Trusting that we are capable and deserving of attracting what we desire on a soul level and that what is not right for us cannot ever be. Trusting our intuition, trusting whatever stage of life we are currently in, trusting that things all work out in divine timing, and trusting our self and our own unique path. When we rush things or try to force them, we are acting from fear or scarcity mindset - that’s when we are met w resistance and closed doors. When we set intentions, trust that they can and will come true, and then let go of rigid expectations; we are now in the flow. This is when we are working w a universal life force energy to bring dreams to fruition, rather than trying to do all the heavy lifting ourselves. 

By embarking on this recorded journey, you’ll gain insights from your own subconscious while opening to a whole new realm of possibility that relies on a deep trust of the inner self and the universe at large. I’ve created this audio to be personal and deeply powerful - to communicate to the subconscious mind a readiness to trust in oneself and allow for positive expansion. 

This audio session has been designed to deepen your trust in yourself by communicating to the subconscious that you are now open to letting in the positivity that wants to come through. You’ll benefit from this track each time you listen to it, I recommend listening to it more than once, but please remember, this is powerful energy work. Please allow time and space for the work to integrate before revisiting. (Every 2 weeks is fine)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Hypnosis can be defined as a state of concentrated awareness. In this audio I’ll talk you into the deeply relaxing theta state. (similar to meditation) You will feel relaxed yet highly aware. In this state the mind is more receptive to suggestion, so the affirmations and encouragement I provide will provide lasting influence as long as it resonates with you. Hypnosis only works if it’s something you truly want.

HOW TO USE THIS AUDIO SESSION: treat this recording as you would an in person session. Light some candles, get into your zone and listen to this audio in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable, either laying down or sitting up. I like to use blankets as sometimes your temperature fluctuates during the session. Write some intentions for the session before you start - then relax and enjoy the journey, and be ready to journal about any insights gained when you finish.

SIDE NOTE: Every single person experiences inward journeying differently. Some people will experience vivid imagery, colors and sensations, others will notice only subtle energy shifts or tingling. Whatever you experience is right for you, the body knows best and the subconscious can still be receptive no matter what sensations arise. Trust your unique process (even if it lulls you to sleep!) 

FINALLY: Track your progress. Keep notes and gratitude lists highlighting when you are in alignment w the intentions you set. Sometimes people will notice huge shifts in their confidence levels and how they show up in life, others will notice subtle changes in their positive thinking. Keep track of your process to see how the work benefits you. 

If you have questions about your unique process I am here to support you. With purchase of the session comes email support - so if something comes up, just say the word. Enjoy the expansion!


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