"I have to tell you how much you have helped guide me, I wish I could give you the biggest hug. Stating my intentions clearly and out loud has been majorly powerful and beautiful, I meditated for an hour yesterday at naptime and opened my eyes to tears POURING. Then on top of that my dreams have been intense, beautiful, and clear. I feel like I'm still walking around in a high dream since seeing you. “

A.Douglas, Artist

"I was able to ground myself and come to a place of calm. It was just like... wow. 

I really attribute my being able to navigate these complicated emotional waters to the work I’ve done with you, and the power I’ve found in myself through that to feel strong, grounded and unafraid. Thank you so much for making yourself available for this work, I feel like my path has truly been shifted for the better. Thank you again!!!”

NV, Port Townsend

“Our sessions have given me the confidence to approach my soul’s desires square shouldered and with resolute confidence! Thank you, Saige”

JJ, Artist 

"Saige has inspired and affected me in many beautiful ways, specifically in regards to my work. Her ability to uplift and see the best in those around her gave me the courage to begin my own business, with her as an ever-present resource and ally. In a world where competition and comparison tend to be the default, Saige met me with acceptance and encouragement when I was unsure of where my path might lead. I’m ever grateful for her support and influence!"


Molly Z, Doula


“Thank you so much!! Today was such a great experience. You are amazing at what you do!!”


CH, Seattle

“...I have noticed a totally new process happening during the time that I would have been preparing for my nightly “ritual.” Not a panicky feeling anticipating going without, def thinking about it, but able to get to a calm place about forgoing a ciggie. Which it’s been two nights without! There are other things I’m noticing that I haven’t quite put words to, but a general sense of relief I think? It’s great. Thank you again! I am also going to keep this in mind and maybe down the line a bit seeing if hypnosis might be able to help me actualize some other new realities. Thank you again! Magical minds making magic!!!”

NV, Port Townsend

"Saige is a highly intuitive, skilled healer and her presence is very nurturing and grounding.”

Liz Randol, Shamanic Practitioner

“I had a really amazing and mindful lunch experience after our session. Thank you so much for the session. And thank you for creating a space in which I felt free to be vulnerable and open.”

LO, Port Townsend

"Saige Leah is a true leading light. I have benefitted and grown from her counsel on topics ranging from home and studio space design, to guidance on personal relationships. Her scope is broad because her depth and vision are so pure and focused: it’s about joy, pure acceptance, love, and the end of struggle. She lives and breathes what she teaches, and even to encounter her energy is to tap into the wisdom of eons of spiritual powerhouses, while still celebrating the present practical physicality. She seems to have a direct line to Grace. As uncanny as her wisdom is for such a young person, her light sense of humor and accessibility ground her teachings in real daily life. The extraordinary generosity of her vision and heart permeate her creative and spiritual work, whether it's the dreams, sacred spaces and beautiful objects she manifests, or the gentle counsel she offers through her teachings and her luminesce being."


JC, Writer

"Saige Leah is a very skilled hypnotherapist. She is professional and intuitive. I highly recommend her. “

Wakinda Rose, Reiki Practitioner

"Saige is a one-in-a-million natural-born healer, a strong intuitive, and a trained hypnotherapist. Highly recommend. “

JC, Entrepreneur 

"Saige Leah is a gentle and intuitive healer who will guide you back to yourself with loving compassion. “

AB, Port Townsend

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